Today we celebrated our Priestly & Religious Life Vocations. What a game & what an amazing afternoon!
about 16 hours ago, Corpus Christi Catholic School
Priest Volleyball game
We Love Our Volunteers! Thank you to all who make the choice to serve, some were caught in action and so many others who serve in our halls but have not been captured in this picture.
1 day ago, Corpus Christi Catholic School
Our Builders Club members braved the cold today to let our parents know how much we love them! Thank you, parents, for choosing Corpus Christi for your children! 💙🙏🏼💛
2 days ago, Mary Stratman
What do you love about Corpus Christi?
2 days ago, Corpus Christi Catholic School
A little "Buddy Bonding" to start Catholic Schools Week!
3 days ago, Linda McClure
A little "Buddy Bonding" to start Catholic Schools Week!
Buddy time celebrating Catholic Schools Week!
3 days ago, Sabrina Power
2 kids
2 kids
6 kids
Mrs. McConnell's Class had several visitors to end our Clothing Unit. Ben's Grandma taught us to sew on Monday. On Wednesday, Braxton's Dad read us a story about the clothes people wear for their jobs and played a game with us where we raced to dress up in different costumes.
4 days ago, Jane McConnell
Winner of the Clothing Race
Braxton's Dad read, Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do.
The pillows we made with Ben's Grandma.
Look at me sewing!
Corpus Christi Catholic School is proud to be supported by the parishes of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Saint Patrick, Catholic Church of Merna, Historic St Patrick Church, Saint Mary’s in Downs and St Patrick of Wapella. Thank you to all of the parishioners who continue to support our Corpus Christi Saints!
4 days ago, Kelly Bordewick
supporting churches
We are back in the groove with Super Saint! What a great week celebrating Piper! ❤
6 days ago, Dana Kessinger
Our 2nd grade Saints are ready for their Fashion Show celebrating the 100th day of school!
6 days ago, Kelly Bordewick
100th day
God bless our HT/HSP Corpus Christi 2nd graders on receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time tonight!
7 days ago, Corpus Christi Saints
Saturday is National Lego Day! To celebrate, each grade was given a different Lego challenge in STEM. From building bridges to simple machines to famous landmarks- our Saints sure had fun!
7 days ago, Amanda Stanko
Building bridges in 2nd grade!
creating robots in 4th grade!
Creating the US Capital building in 1st grade!
This third grader designed and built his room to scale using Lego blueprint paper and legos!
Second grade had SNOW much fun at recess! ❄️☃️
7 days ago, Allison Duff
Winter science is “Snow much fun” in Mrs. Stanko’s PreK class! We have made snow, conducted a science experiment to see what makes ice melt faster, and observed how long it takes to make a snowman melt. Science Rocks!
7 days ago, Amanda Stanko
measuring our snowman in inches and nonstandard units after he melted 1 hour.
Hypothesizing if salt or sugar will melt the ice faster!
Our melting snowman!
making snow!
Preschool loved playing in the snow this week!
7 days ago, Jennifer Albrecht
Snow day fun
Snow day fun
Snow day fun
Snow day fun
Have you seen the Valentine's Day Spirit Wear?!?! Order yours by Friday, 1/27!
9 days ago, Corpus Christi Catholic School
vday spirit wear sale
Mrs. Duff’s class has been role playing to prepare for the sacrament of Reconciliation ✝️ They are looking forward to experiencing God’s Grace💜
10 days ago, Allison Duff
pic one
pic two
Awesome creativity with legos using Engineering and Technology! Our STEM and technology programs are in need of legos to continue growing our programs. We would take any size and quantity of used or new legos. If you have any to donate please send them in to the school office.
11 days ago, Meagan O'Brian
Lego Robot battle!
Circuit Cube engineering with legos
Lego robotics
6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Music got to enjoy Bucket Drumming during Friday's class!
12 days ago, Regan Baxter
6th Grade enjoying bucket drumming!
7th grade Music enjoying bucket drumming
8th Grade music enjoying bucket drumming.
Mrs. Pina's class having fun measuring with platform and digital scales.
12 days ago, Natalie Perry