Our 6th grade girls were tournament champions at the St. Jude Catholic Schools tournament this weekend! Congratulations to our Saints and coaches! 🏀
1 day ago, Corpus Christi Saints
girls basketball team with coaches
Second grade built Mayflowers in STEM class! They learned about buoyancy and weight displacement before carefully choosing their building materials and designing their ships. The winning boat held over 200 pennies!! Great job /bd grade!
1 day ago, Amanda Stanko
almost to 200!
Proud builders!
Our little Pilgrims loved their ships!
More 5th grade detectives hard at work!
2 days ago, Abby Whittington
Sharing evidence
Reading clues
working hard
Considering all the possibilities
5th grade ELA students spent some time practicing their inferencing skills this week while working on “The Case of the Missing Mona Lisa”. They were amazing detectives!!
2 days ago, Abby Whittington
Working  hard
Discussing thoughts
Gathering clues
Debating who the culprit is
Adopt-A-Family / Catholic Charities
3 days ago, Kelly Bordewick
Happy Super Saint week, Nathan!❤
3 days ago, Dana Kessinger
Mrs Sim’s 6th grade class completed a successful mission this morning at Challenger Learning Center.
4 days ago, Sabrina Power
2 girls
mission control
The 5th grade attended the Nutcracker this morning. We supported The Arts and fellow classmates.
4 days ago, Becky Hester
Nutcracker 2022
Nutcracker 2022
5th grade at Nutcracker 2022
5th grade at Nutcracker 2022
🎉✝️ TODAY is Giving Tuesday and #iGiveCatholic! And to make things even more exciting, your gift today will be MATCHED! 🙌 A set of very generous Corpus Christi grandparents has offered a Matching Gift for today’s donations….which means your donation will be DOUBLED up to $5,000 today! 🤩 ✔️The goal of this day is to unite our Catholic community to Give Back and Give Catholic in support of our school. Corpus Christi will be focusing on supporting our school and ENHANCING our mission. Because of you and your generosity, we will be able to take our mission to the next level! Thank you for your help and prayers! “Together, as the Body of Christ, we grow in faith, knowledge, and stewardship.” 😇🙏 https://peoria.igivecatholic.org/organizations/corpus-christi-catholic-school-39f8e5a9-e0d6-49b3-aaac-bc0756236135
7 days ago, Corpus Christi Catholic School
Giving Tuesday and #iGiveCatholic is TOMORROW!! 🤔 Do you know what your donation will help fund? Check-out the “Enhancements” graphic below to see our focused projects that will help take our school to the next level! And, you can even designate a specific project you’d like your donation to go directly towards! 🗣 Remember, some employers extend their matching gifts even further on Giving Tuesday (some will match 2-to-1!) 🌟 I Am, We Are, the Body of Christ!
8 days ago, Corpus Christi Catholic School
🗓🌟✝️Giving Tuesday (11/29) is right around the corner and Corpus Christi is participating in #iGiveCatholic through the Diocese of Peoria this year!! We encourage your prayers and your support of our school! 📌Learn more & bookmark our site for #iGiveCatholic on Giving Tuesday! https://peoria.igivecatholic.org/organizations/corpus-christi-catholic-school-39f8e5a9-e0d6-49b3-aaac-bc0756236135 More info to come!!! 🤩
10 days ago, Corpus Christi Catholic School
For the month of November, each of our classes focused on gratitude and reflected on their many blessings by writing what they were thankful for on their class Thankful Pumpkin. This morning, we gathered together with all of our Thankful Pumpkins to give praise and thanksgiving for all the bountiful blessings we have in our lives. It was a beautiful sight and an incredible reminder to be grateful for all that we have and all that we do! Happy Thanksgiving, #SaintsFamily! *Thank you to Rader Family Farms for the generous donation of the beautiful pumpkins!
13 days ago, Corpus Christi Catholic School
thankful pumpkins
thankful pumpkins
thankful pumpkins
thankful pumpkins
Mrs. Perry's class enjoying their Track-a-Thon pizza party. Thank you to everyone who helped organize the party.
14 days ago, Natalie Perry
7th grade Technology coded Finch Robots! We leaned about patience and problem solving!
14 days ago, Meagan O'Brian
Finch 4
finch 3
Finch 2
Finch 1
Very thankful for our time with our buddies!
14 days ago, Sabrina Power
4 students
4 boys
3 girls
2 girls
Thanksgiving fun with buddies.
14 days ago, Natalie Perry
We are having a blast here in Preschool learning all about Thanksgiving and decorating our class turkey!
14 days ago, Chelsie Meyer
Our class turkey!
putting feathers on our turkey
we love play-dough
coloring our cornucopias!
Whether you prefer Candy Cane, Hazelnut or Breakfast Blend, a warm cup of coffee in a special Corpus Christi mug is definitely a treat! Order today from the CCCS Coffee Fundraiser!
15 days ago, Corpus Christi Catholic School
We had a terrific week with Lucy as our Super Saint! ❤
17 days ago, Dana Kessinger
Saying good-bye is never easy
18 days ago, Becky Hester
We love you, Miss Kris
We love you, Miss Kris